AIM Transfer Factor
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AIM Transfer Factor

Anti-oxidant - Immune Support - Metabolic Support
A.I.M. Transfer Factor is an advanced transfer factor formula that supplies critical nutrients to every cell of the body, allowing the body to remain or regain its healthy and youthful state.

When we hear about “super bugs”, super flus, free radical damage to cells and, age or stress related disease, it's overwhelming.

It would seem like you would need a shopping cart full of supplements to stem the negative effects.  Thanks to the research of a brilliant bio-chemist, Dr. William Hennen, a formulation has been created that aids the body's natural resources to come to your defense.

Dr. Hennen is one of the world's pre-eminent authorities on Transfer Factors and the immune system. In his earlier Transfer Factor formulations, Dr. Hennen primarily focused on the immune system. Contemporary science tells us that the immune system is just part of the story. Proper anti-oxidant function and efficient metabolic function are critical in reducing the stress on the immune system and setting the stage for potential anti-aging effects on the body.
Dr. Hennen
“I designed A.I.M. Transfer Factor to support and strengthen multiple body systems. A body builder does not just work the biceps, they strengthen all of the underlying muscle groups. Think of this as your health’s personal trainer.”
– Dr. Bill Hennen
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
AIM by Forevergreen contains Transfer Factor, marine phytoplankton and other healthy ingredients by Dr. Hennen for powerful immune support.                           
How does A.I.M. Transfer Factor aid in reversing the signs of aging?

The DNA of cells are like fine craftsmen. Without tools and materials,
their skill is dormant. The components of A.I.M. Transfer Factor are the tools, materials and blueprints the DNA needs to be able to craft beautiful and functional cells. Strong cells make strong organs, strong organs make strong systems, and strong systems make strong, healthy, youthful bodies. Scientifically, the components of A.I.M. Transfer Factor support the antioxidant, immune and metabolic systems of the body. The combined support of these three systems leads to an improvement in the whole organism and an overall reversal of aging.

Why do I need A.I.M. Transfer Factor?

We live in a different world than that of our prehistoric ancestors. Almost all of us are under stress. Whether it be physical, emotional, social or economic stress, our bodies respond in the same way: by increasing inflammation. Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation and tissue damage. We live in a world where microbes travel as fast as the next plane. Historically, we were only exposed to a local population of pathogens. Now, we are exposed to global germ pool and we must be able to adapt no matter what our age. Aging, to a large extent, is the accumulation of small injuries that were never adequately repaired. The sooner the repairs
are made, the more healthy we will be. 

When should I start taking A.I.M. Transfer Factor?

Immediately! In fact, you should have started a long time ago. Our health is affected even by the nutrition of our mothers. Much of the premature aging we see all around us may have had its start in utero. Obviously, we can't go back, but
we can go forward. Science has extended our understanding of aging processes and allows us to take rational steps to slow or even reverse those processes. Long before memory fails, our antioxidant, immune and metabolic systems are
faltering. The compensating mechanisms of the body may hide this for a time and we will feel ‘normal’. But, eventually the compensating mechanisms are overwhelmed by the cumulative damage of a lifetime, and suddenly we will feel
old. A.I.M. Transfer Factor provides specialized tools to help the body fight the aging processes, restore its compensating capacity, and recover its energy and resiliency.

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